Hot tubs are the heart of your spa

You need to make sure that they are clean. Unsure about the steps? we will guide you through the process.

hot tub care infographic

1) Cover the hot tub

This is the easiest and takes just 15 minutes of your time. Covering with premium and protective hot tub cover so you need to clean the cover and not the tub!

2) Clean the filters

Filters take out the impurities and keep your water clean. But the filters also require regular cleaning. It is advised to clean the filters every 3 to 6 weeks and it takes only 20 minutes max.

3) Water needs changing

Make sure that the water is changed every one to four month period depending on the usage of your spa like how often your hot tub is being used!

4) Clean the spa shell surface

Whenever you change the water, make sure to clean the shell (interior) of the spa. It prevents unnecessary buildup at and below the water line. It will take only 15 minutes!

If we add up, it will take just two hours and your hot tub would be brand new!