Leisure Time 45500 Leisure Time Free Sanitizer 16 fl. oz.

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Leisure Time 45500 Leisure Time Free Sanitizer 16 fl. oz.

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Compatible with the leisure time simple spa care products
Gentle on eyes, hair, and skin
Virtyally odor-free

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Product Description

one hundred% chlorine and bromine-FREE sanitizer is just about scent-Loose and controls micro organism longer than chlorine or bromine. This biguanide primarily based sanitizer is simple to make use of, and more secure to deal with and retailer than harsh bromine or chlorine recurrently used to sanitize spa or scorching bathtub water. This sanitizer is Mild on eyes, hair, and pores and skin, and just about scent-Loose. It does no longer impact scorching bathtub pH ranges, leading to lowered chemical use and not more regimen Upkeep. Appropriate with the Recreational Time Easy Spa Care uniqueness line of goods, which is composed of Vibrant and Transparent, Enzyme, Foam Down, Spa Up, Spa Down, Defender, EsScents Fragrances, Spice up and Regulate. Take a look at strips for Loose Sanitizer offered one by one. Get started-up Directions: Use Loose Sanitizer ultimate while putting in place your spa. Flow into water with jets on prime velocity for 15 mins. Take a look at water to verify Loose degree is among 30-50 ppm. Upkeep Directions: Upload Loose on a weekly foundation consistent with label instructions to regulate sanitizer degree to its right kind vary.
Appropriate with the Recreational time Easy spa care merchandise
Mild on eyes, hair, and pores and skin
Virtyally scent-Loose


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