15″ 4.0 kw Universal Spa Heater Assembly

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15″ 4.0 kw Universal Spa Heater Assembly

$229.00 (as of October 19, 2017, 12:45 pm)

4.0 kW Flow Thru Spa Heater [240V] 15 inch long heater (15″ flange to flange)
Replacement of existing hot tub heaters for numerous spa controls
Balboa Style 15″ 4.0 KW 240V replacement heater w tail pieces

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Product Description

SSS 403T2C This 240 volt 4.0 kw has 3 tapped holes and 2 clamps with mounting studs. The placement of the 3 tapped holes corresponds to many balboa m-7 places, and the third hollow is used for an older Balboa the place they used one drive transfer with one temp probe. The 2 Portable studs are to suit with balboa’s so much latest m-7 model the place they once in a while use one mount stud and once in a while use 2 mount studs. This heater suits antique M-7 warmers without a mount studs By way of merely taking away the 2 Portable mounting clamps and discarding them. The devices ships with 2 holes plugged with removeable plastic pipe plug in order that the installer alternatives which tapped holes to make use of and chooses to make use of 2 or 1 hollow as required for sensors. This can be utilized instead for the next heater section numbers: Options: Heater Dimensions are 15″ L x 2″ Diameter; Stainless Metal Heater Housing; 4.0KW Incoloy Flo-Through Heater Part; Balboa OEM M7 This heater too can change the 58106 and 58064 Balboa M7 Heater Assemblies, 1.five”. By way of including 1.five” tailpieces – upload word for your order if wanted. This heater may be a Substitute possibility for the next heater section numbers: 26-0807-5S-KS, 26-58104-5S-KS, 58106, 58056, 58212, 58120, 58117, 58109, 58031, 58064, 58148 (four.0KW, 1.five” Tailpieces), 55033 (four.0KW, 1.five” Tailpieces), 55033-01 (four.0KW, 1.five” Tailpieces), 55033-02 (four.0KW, 1.five” Tailpieces), 55035 (four.0KW, 1.five” Tailpieces), 55035-01 (four.0KW, 1.five” Tailpieces), 26-0540-5S-KS, 55625 (Titanium Part), 58281 (Titanium Part Plus Heater Cables)
4.0 kW Go with the flow Through Spa Heater [240V] 15 inch lengthy heater (15″ flange to flange)
Substitute of present sizzling bath warmers for a large number of spa controls
Balboa Taste 15″ 4.0 KW 240V Substitute heater w tail items
Portable mounting studs, and a couple of drive transfer faucets
Additionally to be had in 1.5kW/120v, and 2.5, 5.5, 4.5, and 5.0 kW/240v


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