Product Description

Purifying Position : Terminal Purification
Use : Under Sink
Water treatment machine Type : Pre-filter
Color : Blue
Material : RO Membrane
Certification : CE
Type : Reverse Osmosis
What is a Venturi Injectors
A venturi is a device which creates a vacuum when fluid flows through it. The fluid which creates the vacuum is know as the motive fluid. Vacuum created by the venturi sucks Ozone, fertilizer or chemical into motive water.

How to work a Venturi

Our Venturi are water driven, ie they are driven by the pressure of the main water pipeline. The energy to run these devices reduces the water pressure of the water line.
This is example for Irrigation Fertilizer
Made of engineering plastic.
Excellent chemical resistance to most of the chemicals.
Highly efficient and compact differential pressure injection device.
Economical and low cost option.
Available in BSP male thread connection.
This Venturi Injector is for Fertilizer, Pool, Spa, Hot Tub, Water treatment, Aquarium, Fish Tank, Fish Pond, Pond Aeration, Agriculture Forestry Aerator, Aeration, and Lab Application.
1/2″ BSP Male Thread.


Fertilizer and chemical injection through drip and sprinkler irrigation systems.
Ozone mixer for hot tub / SPA.


Quantity: 1 pcs 1/2″ Venturi Injectors